Question: Why don't the downloads work dag-nabbit?
Answers: There's something screwy in your lines, which is not related to us. We test these links from Finland and the US weekly, and usually find them to be a-ok. There have been known problems with international downloads, but currently there is little we can do about that. If you know of someone wanting to host a mirror site, please let us know here.

Question: I can download the movies, but my computer won't display, whadda fug?
Answer: Your computer lacks an up-to-date DivX codec, which is used to encode most of our movies. Find it at:

Question: I got the damned codec and still can't see anything, why?
Answer: Your monitor has been turned off or you have gone blind from the sin of onanism. In other words, something is wrong at you end, but we can't help you with it. Consult a neighborhood egghead.

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