14.12.2009: Alright then, been a bit busy preparing an epic about the Finnish guerilla fighter and sniper Mannerheim, but we've got some new stuff too!

14.01.2008: Right, you lucky lucky people! The Jolly Scoundrel is now in official distribution! Take advantage of our new 24/7 server.

26.06.2006: Acid can now be enjoyed, with English subtitling, on YouTube.

05.06.2006: Another short in Finnish, a redux-version of the old Period Piece.

14.05.2006: We've a couple of short clips for you. They are in Finnish, but the latter does feature some early clips you may find of certain amusement value. Acid Cinema prezentiert: Lost, and In Closing.

30.09.2005: Finally, I've had the patience to compile the pictures from the music video festival, and choose the cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure. Here you go: OMVF 2005, in pictures.

22.08.2005: Okay, the time has come, the Oulu Music Video Festival is at hand. Our premiere is on the 25th, which is a Thursday. If you can't make that show, check out the timetable for the other ones we will be having all through the festival. Can you festival?!

01.08.2005: Acid Cinema will have a presentation or four at the Oulu Music Video Festival. Come see timeless classics on the silver screen and buy drinks for your favorite actors and directors.

15.11.2004: If you dug them crazy tunes on Protocop, you'll find them hosted at, more precisely over here.

Power Rangers
Director's Cut

The Jolly Scoundrel!

Period Piece - Redux

Lost & In Closing

OMVF Pictures

Happy Valentine's

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