14.05.2006: We've a couple of short clips for you. They are in Finnish, but the latter does feature some early clips you may find of certain amusement value. Acid Cinema prezentiert: Lost, and In Closing.

30.09.2005: Finally, I've had the patience to compile the pictures from the music video festival, and choose the cream of the crop for your viewing pleasure. Here you go: OMVF 2005, in pictures.

22.08.2005: Okay, the time has come, the Oulu Music Video Festival is at hand. Our premiere is on the 25th, which is a Thursday. If you can't make that show, check out the timetable for the other ones we will be having all through the festival. Can you festival?!

01.08.2005: Acid Cinema will have a presentation or four at the Oulu Music Video Festival. Come see timeless classics on the silver screen and buy drinks for your favorite actors and directors.

15.11.2004: If you dug them crazy tunes on Protocop, you'll find them hosted at, more precisely over here.

09.10.2004: The Acid has seeped onto the P2P-networks. Connected to the Movies page, you will now find a useful P2P page, where you will find ed2k links for eDonkey and eMule. Torrent links are also welcome. And yes, the P2P page is in Finnish, at least until for the while, but recognizing the files you want should not pose an impossible task.

05.10.2004: PROTOCOP! Also: Gift Extras and new DivX5-versions of the Gift, the Dream, and the Protocop trailers!

13.09.2004: Updated the pages again on a cosmetic level. Things have been shifted around, and the change will continue for the next week or so. Until then, there may be some disarray.

26.04.2004: Acid Cinema has acquired a new distributor friend. Give a big hand to Elventhor!

15.03.2004: So we've lost Ratiorules, but we have gained us some new folk to help to distribute the joy. Enjoyyyy!

25.11.2003: Arright then, updated the movies page to reflect our current distribution network, and made it all pretty to look at as well. There are also some new movies available now.

07.10.2003: Yes yes, we are still updating the English edition too. Please note who now are providing Acid Cinema movies on a dedicated page. Bless them, every one.

17.03.2003: Made some nice, new, shiny, jolly, candylike buttons for you people to push - so push it! Also, a FAQ and some Stuff

16.01.2003: delivers! Thanks to their co-operation we now have a much wider selection of our stuff online. Muchos Gracias!

14.01.2003: A new year brings a new look to the pages of Acid Cinema. There is no cause for alarm though, as we will strive to bring you the same level of cinematic goodies and assorted insanity as last year. Come to think of it, there is cause for alarm.

22.12.2002: Merry Christmas from Acid Cinema! This year we stuff your stocking with: A Christmas Card! Spider Man! And a Powerful Period Piece! Enjoy - that is an order!

18.12.2002: Our selection of clips has been refreshed! Make your way swiftly to the movie page and download everything while you still can. As usual, the selection is available only until yet another service provider fails us. No use complaining to us, once it is too late.

11.12.2002: Due to an expired account, some of our movie downloads no longer function. We are working on it though, and will hopefully find a new site soon.

05.12.2002: For your viewing pleasure, on the Movies page, for the first time ever, the trailer for Protocop. Delight at the action, shiver at the effects, ask us three months from now, where the hell is that final cut?! It's all in Finnish of course, but hey, it's worth the mention anyhow.

04.11.2002: Extra! Extra! Pictures from the set of Protocop!

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